Our office is one of the places where we spend most of our day. It contains toxic pollutants exactly like in the streets and in the whole city.

The Breath, a state-of-the-art eco-sustainable technology, adsorbs and disaggregates the pollutants that threaten our health, and makes the air pure. It is a practical solution to increase the quality of the air we breathe in the office, in full respect of the 81/2008 workplace safety law.


Feeling well at home is a basic need we all feel we must strive for; it must be cozy, welcoming, a perfect sanctuary from stress, where we can catch our breath again after a tough day. And it takes really little to add more well-beg to any flat, house or loft. An example? The Breath Technology can be used in the kitchen to disaggregate smells and keep the air fresh; in the bedroom, to improve our sleep, or in the living room, looking like your favourite work of art on the wall, but with an added purifying effect.


Friendliness, hospitality and high-quality services are major priorities for any hospitality structure and for its clients: key factors that turn a simple hotel stay into a great experience.

Therefore, an innovative technology that can improve air quality in hotel rooms and look as beautiful indoor design can be a true revolution in the hotel sector. It meets everyone’s needs – hoteliers and clients – and improves people’s well-being, with an important eye on sustainability.

An example? The hotel Milano in Salice Terme.


Iconic painting from the masters, informative graphics and images, but most of all, a customized material created together with the school faculty: there are basically countless ways to change the air that pupils breathe.

An example? The collaboration with the Andersen International School in Milan.

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