Anemotech is an Italian start-up with the aim of developing products that protect the environment. It has been working since 2014 to put on the market an innovative technology called The Breath®, which reduces environmental pollution caused by traffic fumes, heating and emission.
The Breath is a green solution for treating and purifying the air we breathe, both indoors and outdoors.
Thanks to The Breath’s focus on environmental responsibility/sustainability and to its eco-sustainable character, Anemotech, despite still being a start-up, was able to involve major institutional partners of the calibre of Legambiente and Symbola, and has been endorsed by Professor Umberto Veronesi.


Professor Umberto Veronesi believes that The Breath is a simple, ecological and efficient solution, both because it has been scientifically verified and because it focuses on the importance of the prevention of respiratory diseases. Therefore, he kindly endorsed Anemotech, and now contributes to its diffusion.

In Professor Veronesi’s words:

“I believe that today, having the chance to enjoy a safer, more breathable air is a priority for society...”

“…The so-called indoor environments, such as our homes, are full of pollutants from many origins… in the kitchen, in the living room, in the bedroom… for example, the clothes we take to the laundry are teeming with chemical pollutants used during the cleaning process...”

“…I got closely involved with Anemotech, as I believe they are a group of researchers, engineers, scientists, of men who care about public health, and form a first core group that might widen more and more…”

“…When we talk about indoor environments we must think first and foremost about schools, hospitals, workplaces, which are often very polluted. Employees and workers are often exposed to pollutants that sometimes have devastating effects…”

Umberto Veronesi


Legambiente, born in 1980, is Italy’s main environmental association. Ever since its foundation, it promotes scientific environmentalism, i.e. any environmental initiative that can rely on a solid scientific base.
Legambiente creates awareness amongst citizens, institutions and companies, and promotes choices, ideas and sustainable behaviours that have a real and positive outcome on everyone’s future.

Being fully convinced that any small daily gesture might be a driver for change towards a better quality of life, Legambiente promotes the active participation of local citizens, companies and any other kind of stakeholders. The association often involves them in important environmental protection initiatives. At the same time, Legambiente promotes products and services which represent important innovations from an environmental point of view.

In this cadre, The Breath is a product “Recommended by Legambiente”, as its technology can adsorb and abate smog-forming pollutants, both indoors and outdoors.


Symbola - Fondazione per le Qualità Italiane was born in 2005 to promote the so-called soft economy, a quality-oriented development model where traditions and local realities meet innovation, research, culture and design. Counting more than a hundred associates, Symbola is an original cultural movement that creates a network between different kind of subjects (from entrepreneurs to associations and organizations, from local establishment to famous names in the world of economy and culture): it is a lobby for Italian quality, addressing politics, economy and institutions in order to steer the country’s development towards quality, sustainability and culture. 

Moreover, the Foundation has been supporting for years several ideas, projects, companies and territories which base their activities on Made in Italy and on its core principles of quality, innovation and sustainability. This is the cadre of its collaboration with Anemotech: the company joined Symbola’s network in 2016 to give more power of speech to scientific rigour, to a passionate research activity and to the sustainable principles that form the basis of The Breath, the innovative system which adsorbs pollutants and contributes to the cleanliness of the air we breathe.

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